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A Turkey Named After Steve McQueen

A lost turkey has been named after The Great Escape star Steve McQueen after it avoided the chop this Christmas.

Queenie was taken to Stubbington Ark animal shelter in Hampshire after the creature was seen walking along a busy road in Bordon last month.

It is unclear whether Queenie escaped from a private coop or a farm.

The bird will be ready to be re-homed on Friday, with staff insisting Queenie goes to a loving home with no chance of ending up as dinner next Christmas.

Vanessa Eden, Stubbington Ark's marketing manager, said: "She could have escaped from a farm or a garden or she may have fallen from a truck.

"She may well have been destined as Christmas dinner but she has made a lucky escape."

She added that Queenie had settled in well and was fit and healthy.

"After a few checks she will be ready for re-homing but her new owners need a good-sized garden, a run and have experience keeping poultry."

The shelter has more than 380 animals awaiting adoption.

Source: BBC News

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