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Finding McQueen

While playing the part of film icon Steve McQueen in the story of his life, actor Jack Johnson discovers that he and McQueen both shared a need to connect with their fathers. Trying to maintain the hectic pace of working in the industry and finding out that his father will soon be moving away and out of his life, Jack is forced to face his feelings about his father’s leaving. This film weaves brief moments of Steve McQueen’s life with the tale of Jack and his father struggling to rediscover their feelings for one another before it’s too late.

Director: Terri Farley-Tervel
Producer: Paul D. Wilson
Writer: Paul D. Wilson, Terri Farley-Tervel
Editor: Kevin Spears
Cinematographer: Shigakazu Tanaka
Cast: Paul D. Wilson, Al Hansen, Robert David Hall, Jeanne Sapienza


Click here to see a clip of the Finding McQueen on YouTube


More about Paul D. Wilson

Paul D. Wilson was always a fan of Steve McQueen and when he moved from New York to L.A. to study acting, he met a teacher who knew Steve from the old days.  He was instrumental in getting Paul to study McQueen and, while developing his own acting style, referred back to McQueen, as many still do. While studying McQueen's acting, Paul found he wanted to know more about McQueen and what drove him to succeed.  He discovered his desire to find his dad and Finding McQueen was born. It took four years to complete the project.  One year to make but the writing and studying McQueen took much longer.  A labor of  love, over 100 people worked on the film. 

Paul has received great feedback on his Steve McQueen portrayal including positive comments from Robert Relyea, Walter Mirisch  and Alan Trustman. Walter produced The Magnificent Seven and The Great Escape,  Bob was McQueen's business partner and executive producer of Bullitt, The Reivers and LeMans and one of the few people Steve trusted in Hollywood,  Alan wrote the Thomas Crown Affair and Bullitt.  Finding McQueen was featured as a short film and was a big hit at the 2007 Asheville Film Festival.

Currently, Paul has written and produced "After the Race is Run", a documentary about Thoroughbreds after they leave the track and has written a feature script entitled "Old Creek Rock" which has been optioned.  He hopes to audition for the role of Steve McQueen in the feature film "My Husband, My Friend" based on the book by McQueen's former wife Neile McQueen Toffel.  Good luck to Paul on his quest.




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