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Pop Culture References

Nearly four decades later, McQueen still inspires other artists to mention his name in music, books, TV and movies.

  • Movie - The Tarantino-directed portion of the movie "Four Rooms" is a quirky tribute to Alfred Hitchcock's "The Man from the South" episode originally starring Steve McQueen and Neile Adams (McQueen).  Quite possibly the best Hitchcock episode ever made.

  • Music - There is a band in California called Steve McQueen for a Day. 

  • Movie - The Kite Runner - has a clip of The Magnificent Seven and several references to Steve. 

  • TV -  On the TV Series House, Dr. House named his pet rat Steve McQueen

  • Music - "(I Just Wanna Be) Your Steve McQueen" Song by Eytan Mirsky

  • Movie - In the Quentin Tarantino movie "Death Proof", the license plate on the Chevy Nova, driven by Stuntman Mike,  is JJZ-109.  This is the same license number used for the Mustang in the movie Bullitt.

  • Music - "Steve McQueen's Garden" Song by The Red Crayola

  • Music - "Steve McQueen"  Song by Quicksilver Messenger Service

  • Music - "I Drive Like Steve McQueen" Song by The Mag Seven

  • Music - "Jimmy Dean & Steve McQueen" Song by Julian Velard

  • Music - "Lesson Three: Steve McQueen" Song by Nerk

  • Music - "God, Steve McQueen (The Work Song)" Song by Guttermouth

  • Music - "Steve McQueen" Song by Lambchop

  • Movie - "The Tao of Steve"

  • Music - "Steve McQueen" Song by Patterson Hood of Drive-by Truckers

  • TV - On That 70's Show, Hyde remarks that "Steve McQueen is a total bad-ass!"

  • Movie - In the movie S.W.A.T.,  Colin Farrell's character, Jim Street, has a poster of Bullitt on the wall of his apartment.

  • Movie - In 2Fast2Furious, Suki greets Brian with the line "What's up, Bullitt?"

  • Music - In the song Absent Friends by Neil Hannon - "Steve McQueen jumped the first one clean but the great escape he tried to make was not to be. Maybe next time, Steve"

  • Comedy - In his album 200 MPH Bill Cosby claims "It has dual superchargers, dual everything, it will go over 200 miles per hour, and is faster than anything Steve McQueen owns!"  when talking about the Cobra that Carroll Shelby made for him.

  • Music -  He is mentioned in the song "Star Star" by the Rolling Stones

  • Book - "Steve McQueen Would be Proud" by Steve Mitchell.

  • Music - "There Goes Steve McQueen"  Song by spacerocket

  • Book - "Amigos, Musketeers and Steve McQueen" by Alan R. Miller

  • Music - "Steve McQueen" Song by Sheryl Crow

  • Music - "Souped Up Mustangs & Steve McQueen" Song by Michael Yanoska

  • Music - "Steve McQueen Jeans"  Song by Leroy X.

  • Music - "Gimme the Loot" Song by Notorious B.I.G.

  • Music - "Steve McQueen" by Prefab Sprout

  • Music - Mentioned in the song "The Great Escape" by I am Kloot

  • Music - Mentioned in the Chorus Line Soundtrack. Song - Hello Twelve - Hello Thirteen. Bebe says:  My God, that Steve McQueen's real sexy, Bob Goulet out, Steve McQueen in!

    Music - Mentioned in the song "Czas Oowiu" by Budka Suflera.  It's in a foreign language and I have no idea what they are saying but he is mentioned along with others who died much too young. Janis Joplin, Brian Jones, Jimi Hendrix, Elvis and others.

  • Music - Mentioned in the song "Vita Spericolata" by Vasco Rossi

  • Music - "Steve McQueen" by Adam Ant

  • Music - Mentioned in the song "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised" by Heron Gil.

  • Music - Mentioned in the song "Take it to the Top" by U-God

  • Music - Mentioned in the song "Movie Star" by Harpo

  • Music - Mentioned in the song "Outlaw Man" by UFO

  • Music - Mentioned in the song "Too Young to Die" by David Crosby

  • Music - Mentioned in the song "Word is Bond" by House of Pain

  • Music - Mentioned in the song "Is This What You Wanted" by Leonard Cohen

  • Music - Mentioned in the song "Life is Good" by Lfo (Lyte Funkie Ones)

  • Music - Mentioned in the song "When You're Beautiful" by Heart

  • Music - Mentioned in the song "Postcards from Richard Nixon" by Elton John

  • Music - Mentioned in the song "Daylight" by Sonata Artica

  • Music - Mentioned in the song "Electrolyte" by REM

  • Music - Mentioned in the song "Prophet 15" by Supergrass

  • Music - Mentioned in the song "Kipsy" by Boy George

  • Music - Mentioned in the song "Gene by Gene" by Blur

  • Music - Mentioned in the song "High Plains Drifter" by the Beastie Boys

  • Music - Music - Song "Son of Steve McQueen" by Favez

  • Music - Mentioned in the song "Liberi Tutti" by Subsonica


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